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Post to Multiple Social Networking Sites

There’s an ultra useful tool called This is a website that allows you to easily post a status update to multiple social networking sites from one form. The video below shows you how to setup and use it.

  • KC:

    Very useful – didn’t know about at all. Would be helpful to know if you can be selective as to which networks receive each ping post in case you want to exclude one of them from a particular post. I can investigate that on my own but it’s a deal breaker as to whether or not I would use ping so would be nice to know up front in this video.

  • admin:

    Yes, you can post to specific sites using one of two methods. First they have three categories of posts: Status Updates, MicroBlogs, and Blogs. You can click on the word posting next to each of the sites in your dashboard and select which groups the site belongs to. By default they have all of the groups selected. Example: You could uncheck “status updates” for your wordpress blog, and when you posted to the group “status updates” it would effect all the sites but the blog. Additionally, if you’re logged in to, you can post directly to any given site using the same drop down where you select the group.

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