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I have a special offer just for people who use twitter. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a tweet about my site, and in return I’ll send you a coupon code worth $30 off my silver membership.

I hope…

  1. You watch and use the videos
  2. You provide general feedback about things that are working and not working
  3. You provide suggestions for improvement
  4. You allow your feedback to be used in marketing materials (for testimonials)
  5. You mention Social Networking Professor on your social networks as you have them setup

What you get as an early bird?

  1. Deeply discounted silver membership
  2. Extra focused attention (in the long run I look to have 1000’s on this site, however at first you will be one of a few dozen)

Silver Membership ($47/yr Value)

Full Video Training for Facebook

  • Overview (5:43)
  • Initial Setup (4:34)
  • How to Create Your Profile (11:39)
  • Using Your Wall (4:42)
  • Extra Features (2:52)
  • Adding Friends (5:26)
  • Create a Page (7:27)
  • Even More Features (7:23)
  • Maintenance – What to do daily (6:16)

Full Video Training for Linkedin

  • How to Sign Up (2:50)
  • Confirm Your Email (1:48)
  • How to create your profile (16:12)
  • How to add connections (13:17)
  • Get Recommendations (7:28)
  • Maintenance – What to do daily (11:00)
  • Step by step written instructions for Linkedin
  • Online tool for asking questions

Features to be implemented in the first 60 days:

  • Step by step written instructions for Twitter
  • Step by step written instructions for Facebook
  • Resource section with links to useful social networking related tools as well as supporting videos as necessary

Note: The goal is for this to be a membership site that continues to provide you more and more value as times change.

Regular Monthly Updates will Include:

  • Answers to questions you (and other members) have
  • New video training for effective social networking sites
  • Video training for other social networking related tools
  • Updates as new options become available on the different social networking sites
  • Tips and tricks

Use the form below to submit your tweet and get the coupon code instantly

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